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During the first week of December the Podcast THE LOST GENERATION: OUTSIDE THE MAINSTREAM was launched. Hosted by exemplar free jazz drummer, composer, and poet William Hooker, each episode will be an in-depth interview with the various artists, producers, and supporters who have made significant contributions to the cultural landscape of the free jazz movement.

William Hooker, a musician at the forefront of this movement, will provide his listeners an opportunity to hear from a broad spectrum of participants who are the creators of this unique art form. Each interview will engage a single individual in conversation with respect to how they came to this music, how they, along with their peers embraced free jazz, and dedicated their lives to creating outside the mainstream.

Principally focusing on the generation of musicians who came up in the 70s, the series will also pay homage to the progenitors of the free jazz movement, as well as explore the impact and challenges faced by today’s torch bearers. The hope is that the listener will seek out this music that has made significant changes to the cultural landscape and will support its continual growth. Each podcast will be available through YouTube: The Lost Generation: Outside the Mainstream And, through William Hooker’s website: https://www.williamhooker.com/

Each month will bring two new podcasts beginning in December with multi-instrumentalist / composer / poet, On Ka’a Davis and free jazz activist / poet, Steve Dalachinsky. Kicking off 2019 will be interviews with free jazz drummer, Marc Edwards and free jazz producer / dancer, Patricia Nicholson Parker. Airing in subsequent months will be William Hooker’s interviews with such luminaries as: Ted Daniel, Hilliard Greene, Giovanni Russonello, Kevin Ramsey, Dick Griffin, Warren Smith, Craig Harris, Richard Keene, Mark Hennen, Andrew Lamb, William Parker, Barry Altschul, Steve Swell, and many more. Included in each interview will be artist photographs by R.I. Sutherland- Cohen, as well as links to representative videos / musical passages of selected musicians.

For further information, please contact williamhooker98@gmail.com

Credits: William Hooker, Host; R.I. Sutherland-Cohen, Photographer / Recording; Victoria Chan, Recording; Eriq Robertson, Editor; and John Lee, Technical Administrator.

Enid Farber - Episode 17

William Parker - Episode 16

Barry Altschul - Episode 15

Dick Griffin and Warren Smith - Episode 14

Jackson Krall and Mark Hennen - Episode 13

Sarah Manning - Episode 12

Mixashawn Rozie - Episode 11

Lisa Sokolov - Episode 10

Cheryl Pyle - Episode 9

Ted Daniel and Andrew Lamb - Episode 8

Michael Dorf - Episode 7

Craig Harris and Hilliard Greene - Episode 6

Steve Swell - Episode 5

Patricia Nicholson Parker - Episode 4

Marc Edwards - Episode 3

Steve Dalachinsky - Episode 2

On Ka'a Davis - Episode 1

Upcoming Gigs
Thursday, 17 October 2019 7:00 PM
Kerrytown Music House,Ann Arbor,MO
Friday, 18 October 2019 7:00 PM
Ann Arbor , MI
William Hooker in "Duo" with Mark Kirschenmann(trpt).. The recording "Full On" has asked some important questions...See this duo as we exhibit our artistry and commitment to "something else." William Hooker (drms,spoken work),Mark Kirschenmann(trpt). More...
Thursday, 24 October 2019 6:00 PM
Academy records
West 18th St., NYC
William Hooker - Listening party... called "A rare treasure from the loft jazz years of the New York scene …… Is Eternal Life is nothing short of visionary. Filled with tension, intricacy and raw fury. While William Hooker’s output extends past 70 albums as leader, it all began with the double LP … Is Eternal Life."The new reissue.....2xlp vinyl. *The new recording "Symphonie Of Flowers" will premiere..It is coming out on the ORG label in 2x vinyl lp,CD and digital formats..Let's listen to excerpts of this recording!! **********************************************************  More...

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