Artist: William Hooker
Title: Flesh and Bones

“Black Lives Suite”, a multi-disciplinary event which uses music and poetry to address the social issues of the times.
Artist: William Hooker
Title: Big Moon

Hooker weaves elements of spiritual and avant-garde jazz with tropical rhythms

Major Planetary Centres:

Artist: William Hooker
Title: Symphonie Of Flowers

Symphonie Of Flowers

Chain Gangs:

Artist: William Hooker
Title: Cycle of Restoration

Unpolished Diamonds:

Artist: William Hooker
Title: Mindfulness - 2X LP

William Hooker, along with Glenn Spearman on tenor saxophone and DJ Olive.

Living Organs - Parallel Planes:

Artist: William Hooker
Title: ... Is Eternal Life 2xLP

William Hooker's first recording, recorded in 1975-1976 and released privately on the artist's own Reality Unit Concepts imprint

Above and Beyond:

Artist: William Hooker and Mark Kirschenmann
Title: Full On! - Double CD

19 Improvisations - double CD

Extra Very Ultra:

Artist: William Hooker Quintet
Title: the Portal


Ray of Will:

Artist: William Hooker Trio
Title: Remembering

William Hooker (drums), Ava Mendoza (guitar) and Damon Smith (double bass)

Artist: William Hooker
Title: ARIA (The Italian Project)

a tribute to Italian folk music.."Through my wife and her family, who are Italian, I have grown to appreciate and respect all that Italy has given to the world. As my wife has learned to appreciate and respect my culture. I believe it is through know


Artist: William Hooker
Title: LIGHT. The Early Years 1975-1989

4 CD box set covering music released between 1975 and 1989

Above and Beyond:

Artist: William Hooker Quartet
Title: RED

New compositions presented at Issue Project Room,Brooklyn featuring Matt Lavell,Mark Hennen,Larry Roland and William Hooker

Track 2:

Artist: William Hooker & Liudas Mockūnas
Title: Live in Vilnius Jazz Festival, 2013


Artist: William Hooker Duo featuring Damon Smith
Title: Triangles of Force

An improvised performance of solos and duos. Purchase at Balance Point Acoustics


Artist: WIlliam Hooker and Mark Heenen
Title: William Hooker Duo feat. Mark Hennen

William Hooker - drums. Mark Hennen -piano. Recorded live

Track 3:

Artist: William Hooker
Title: Complexity #2

William Hooker, Doug Walker, D.J. Olive, Eyvind Kang


Artist: William Hooker - The Gift
Title: Heart of the Sun

William Hooker, David Soldier, Roy Campbell

Seat of Green:

Artist: William Hooker and Thomas Chapin
Title: Crossing Points

William Hooker and Thomas Chapin Duo

The Underground Dead:

Artist: William Hooker Strings 3
Title: A Postcard From the Road

Legendary avant-jazz drummer William Hooker debuts a formidable new trio, the William Hooker Strings 3.


Artist: William Hooker Quintet
Title: Channels of Consciousness

Adam Lane - bass, Dave Ross - guitar, Chris DiMeglio - trumpet, Sanga - percussion, William Hooker - drums

The Unfolding:

Artist: William Hooker Trio
Title: Yearn for Certainty

William Hooker, David Soldier , Sabir Mateen

Ingratiated Beam - leroy:

Artist: William Hooker w/ Eyvind Kang & Bill Horist
Title: The Season's Fire

This all-star trio features William Hooker on drums, Eyvind Kang on violin and guitar and Bill Horist on guitar.


Artist: William Hooker
Title: Mindfulness


Solemn Breath- Knowledge-In This Earth-Body:

Artist: William Hooker
Title: The Gift of Tongues

The Gift of Tongues
Artist: William Hooker
Title: Envisioning

Artist: William Hooker
Title: Shamballa - Duets with Thurston Moore and Elliott Sharp


Sirius, Pt.1 - Wheels:

Artist: William Hooker
Title: The Distance Between Us

The seamlessness of The Distance Between Us whole stems from these musicians who have played with William for a long time and who share in the musical embodiment of William Hooker's works: Lewis Barnes plays trumpet, Sabir Mateen and Charles Compo pl

Sensor Suite- Ageless-Exact Days-Dilemma:

Artist: William Hooker, Christian Marclay and Lee Ranaldo
Title: Bouquet: Live @ the KnittingFactoy 4.24.99

Bouquet: Live @ the KnittingFactoy 4.24.99
Artist: William Hooker
Title: William Hooker: Black Mask

William Hooker: Black Mask


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