Artist: William Hooker Quintet
Title: the Portal

Artist: William Hooker Trio
Title: Remembering

William Hooker (drums), Ava Mendoza (guitar) and Damon Smith (double bass)
Artist: William Hooker
Title: ARIA (The Italian Project)

a tribute to Italian folk music.."Through my wife and her family, who are Italian, I have grown to appreciate and respect all that Italy has given to the world. As my wife has learned to appreciate and respect my culture. I believe it is through know

Artist: William Hooker
Title: LIGHT. The Early Years 1975-1989

4 CD box set covering music released between 1975 and 1989
Artist: William Hooker Quartet
Title: RED

New compositions presented at Issue Project Room,Brooklyn featuring Matt Lavell,Mark Hennen,Larry Roland and William Hooker

Track 2:
Artist: William Hooker & Liudas Mockūnas
Title: Live in Vilnius Jazz Festival, 2013

Artist: William Hooker Duo featuring Damon Smith
Title: Triangles of Force

An improvised performance of solos and duos. Purchase at Balance Point Acoustics
Artist: WIlliam Hooker and Mark Heenen
Title: William Hooker Duo feat. Mark Hennen

William Hooker - drums. Mark Hennen -piano. Recorded live

Track 3:
Artist: William Hooker
Title: Complexity #2

William Hooker, Doug Walker, D.J. Olive, Eyvind Kang

Artist: William Hooker - The Gift
Title: Heart of the Sun

William Hooker, David Soldier, Roy Campbell

Seat of Green:
Artist: William Hooker and Thomas Chapin
Title: Crossing Points

William Hooker and Thomas Chapin Duo

The Underground Dead:
Artist: William Hooker Strings 3
Title: A Postcard From the Road

Legendary avant-jazz drummer William Hooker debuts a formidable new trio, the William Hooker Strings 3.

Artist: William Hooker Quintet
Title: Channels of Consciousness

Adam Lane - bass, Dave Ross - guitar, Chris DiMeglio - trumpet, Sanga - percussion, William Hooker - drums

The Unfolding:
Artist: William Hooker Trio
Title: Yearn for Certainty

William Hooker, David Soldier , Sabir Mateen

Ingratiated Beam - leroy:
Artist: William Hooker w/ Eyvind Kang & Bill Horist
Title: The Season's Fire

This all-star trio features William Hooker on drums, Eyvind Kang on violin and guitar and Bill Horist on guitar.

Artist: William Hooker
Title: Mindfulness


Solemn Breath- Knowledge-In This Earth-Body:
Artist: William Hooker
Title: The Gift of Tongues

The Gift of Tongues
Artist: William Hooker
Title: Envisioning

Artist: William Hooker
Title: Shamballa - Duets with Thurston Moore and Elliott Sharp


Sirius, Pt.1 - Wheels:
Artist: William Hooker
Title: The Distance Between Us

The seamlessness of The Distance Between Us whole stems from these musicians who have played with William for a long time and who share in the musical embodiment of William Hooker's works: Lewis Barnes plays trumpet, Sabir Mateen and Charles Compo pl

Sensor Suite- Ageless-Exact Days-Dilemma:
Artist: William Hooker, Christian Marclay and Lee Ranaldo
Title: Bouquet: Live @ the KnittingFactoy 4.24.99

Bouquet: Live @ the KnittingFactoy 4.24.99
Artist: William Hooker
Title: William Hooker: Black Mask

William Hooker: Black Mask


Upcoming Gigs
Sunday, 21 October 2018 3:00 PM
107 Suffolk St.,NYC
WILLIAM HOOKER - AT-ONE-MENT The trio reconvenes more some great music and creativity..Dave Ross,Eriq Robinson,William Hooker. at Art For Arts, NYC More...
Friday, 26 October 2018 12:00 AM
video games

Grand Theft Auto is launching today. I did the entire SOLO soundtrack... Listen !!! More...
Thursday, 08 November 2018 12:00 PM

"The Lost Generation - Outside of the Mainstream " The podcast will launch of youtube,icloud and other social media and other related outlets.. artists in extended interviews include steve dalachinsky,on davis,patricia parker.ted daniel,hill green, william hooker,luke stewart,james brandon lewis,paul fox,gio rusonneli,kevin ramsay,dick griffin,warren smith,craig harris,ras moshe,richard keene,mark hennen,jackson krall,marc edwards,andrew lamb,ken filiano,michael ta thomson, william parker,barry altshul,steve swell.and more.. this is the project that precludes the movie "The Lost Generation..outside the mainstream". More...

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